Lucky Motor corporation is a Pakistani automaker established in 2016, under the umbrella of Yunus Brothers Group. Tracing it back from 1962, Yunus Brothers Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Pakistan, owning a wide breadth of it’s iconic portfolio that reserves a strong hold in textiles, construction, power generation and even commodities, the group has set a firm foot in the automotive industry as well. With its legacy spanning over five decades, YBG is all set to assemble and distribute the premium European car brand Peugeot for the firm time in Pakistan under Lucky Motor Corporation, exploring the possibilities of distributing multiple models and variants by earlier next year. Leveraging the manufacturing at its production facility at port qasim, the group is all set to take the initiative of €10 million, to produce small volumes of this niche product.


LMCL had initially set a milestone by launching KIA, a south Korean automobile Manufacturer with a legacy of over 75 years in Pakistan. The company is engaged in assembling and distribution of KIA Vehicles, parts and accessories, with it’s manufacturing plant at Port Qasim. The organization is now all set to turn heads by introducing a luxury European car brand in the country for the first time. In this endeavor, the group plans to launch a premium brand, Peugeot after entering into a partnership with world’s sixth largest automaker, Stellantis group.


Stellantis is a leading global mobility player guided by a clear mission: to provide freedom of movement for all through distinctive, appealing, affordable and sustainable mobility solutions. Stellantis offers a full spectrum of choice from luxury, premium and mainstream passenger vehicles to pickup trucks, SUVs and light commercial vehicles, as well as dedicated mobility, financial, and parts and service brands.


With industrial operations in nearly 30 countries and a commercial presence in more than 130 markets, Stellantis has the ability to consistently exceed the evolving needs and expectations of customers, while creating superior value for all stakeholders.


PEUGEOT, is an inventive and global top-of-the range generalist European brand, present in nearly 130 countries. Its values are Excellence, Allure and Emotion. In 2021, PEUGEOT celebrated its 211th anniversary and ushered its new identity with a coat of arms that emphases its personality and timelessness. PEUGEOT gives to the customers the power to choose between electrified or ICE versions, through a full range of electrified passenger and Light commercial vehicles.