Peugeot After Care Experience

Your Peugeot needs a maintenance carried out by the qualified technicians and experts, and with the cutting edge tools and equipment to serve the unique characteristics of these vehicles.

Our experts are provided continuous trainings to impeccably master all the repairs that should be carried out to ensure a smooth driving experience, which in turn guarantees the durability and safety of your vehicle. This eliminates any risks, so that you can leave your Peugeot in the hands of Peugeot network, who understand your car at its best. The network offers various advantages and ease, in terms of reliability and cost effectiveness.

The Peugeot network will return your car, repaired, washed and ready to drive.


    Are you looking for an Air conditioning maintenance, an oil change or battery and brakes maintenance that is reliable as well as cost effective? PEUGEOT Pakistan offers you all-inclusive service offers, that include labor and spare parts costs with complete transparency.

    Carrying out a regular maintenance check for your Peugeot is essential to keep it as good as the first day. The operation includes diagnosing and updating the electronic elements, changing the engine oil, replacement of oil filter, purging the diesel filter and many more. These operations include systematic checks on the interior as well as exterior of your vehicle.


    Every Peugeot purchase reflects your trust in us and our technical expertise. We at Peugeot Pakistan believe that there is no compromise on quality and certainty. We offer an assured service quality, so you know what to expect when you bring your vehicle in for service. With our promise, you can count on the dealership network, which is staffed with highly skilled technicians and exclusive diagnostic equipment to provide you with a service that is in accordance with global Peugeot standards. This means you know ahead of time what you’ll be getting at the service centers, so there are no surprises when you bring your car in for a quality service.