Peugeot After Care Philosophy

While you drive your very new PEUGEOT home, feel assured that our commitment to you continues after the purchase. That’s where our aftercare philosophy sets in. PEUGEOT AfterCare program embodies a very extensive maintenance, repair, and servicing. Discover the services offered by PEUGEOT and the various options available at your nearest dealership.

We pride ourselves on our all-inclusive Aftercare service, that embodies PEUGEOT’s commitment that every new car should look and perform like new for years to come. This promise envelops all aspects of the PEUGEOT ownership experience, from regular servicing and availability of spare parts, to behind-the-scenes support programs such as the 4 year or 100,000 km new vehicle warranty from PEUGEOT's preferred network. It all adds up to the peace of mind that comes along a total hassle-free, uncomplicated PEUGEOT ownership experience, which leaves you clear simply to enjoy driving your PEUGEOT every day.

Our vision of maintenance is simpler, contributing to the comfort of your daily use. For maintenance and servicing, you can trust the Peugeot network that offers you the seamless aftercare management for your vehicle. Peugeot requires a certain level of expertise, tools and measures of specified levels. Peugeot technicians and experts guarantee you the accurate and professional monitoring as they carry out all the required repairs, alongside explaining each intervention to you. The trusted Peugeot network offers you all that.

With our AfterCare, we make owning your vehicle easy!